How To Unlock Wii Safely

January 23, 2009

Why does one want to mess around and unlock Wii ?  The answer is very simple – you will have tons of more games to play!  Unlocking your Wii enables you to play the so-called ‘homebrew’ games and other imported games.  You can achieve that by installing  a special piece of hardware called ‘mod chip’ into your Nintendo Wii.   However,  opening up your Wii console and messing around with its electronics will usually void your warranty.  You certainly don’t want to do that!

What is the safer alternative to unlock Wii?   ‘Console Lock’ is a best-selling guide to show you how, in detailed step-by-step instructions, the safe way to unlock your Wii without a chip. Yes, no opening of your Wii and voiding your warranty, definitely no soldering. Just good old software that will not damage anything and that is 100% reversible!


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