The Ultimate Wii Guide Review

October 26, 2010

Nintendo Wii is still going strong and have outranked it’s competition in terms of sales for a long time. The trend shows that new people are  still constantly acquiring this wonderful console.
Now, all these new Wii users, eager to explore the capabilities of Ninendo Wii can have a quick start into the world of Wii.

The Ultimate Wii Guide Is All You Need to Setup Up Your Wii and Start Enjoying your console right away.  With the release of The Ultimate Wii Guide you will be provided with the knowledge of setting up your own home wireless network to get your Wii connected to internet in matter of minutes.

The easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions lets even the most non-technical beginner succeed without contacting any expensive technical support.

However wireless networking is just a small potion of what the Ultimate Wii Guide goes through.  It also involves configuring the all Wii options correctly, using Wii channels and an online gaming guide.

One thing that people find a bit hard to figure out is how to connect their consoles through the internet and play against each other. This and a list of rated online capable games are thoroughly explained and rated in the guide.

Learning how to create your own custom Miis like Darth Vader, to use as audience or players in games is a really cool feature that’s included.

There’s a lot more valuable information in the guide like all the secret tips and tricks and a homebrew chapter for hacks like the use of the twilight hack.

One unexpected topic was the streaming video from your PC to Wii,  even if it’s not as good as the xbox functionality. It’s still useful to know the possibilities.

In overall a well made guide packed with valuable information and the bonuses included are also of high quality:  If you’re having trouble with your Wii there’s a great troubleshooting guide explaining common problems and error codes.

Mario Kart & Super Smash Mario Bros. Brawl Tactic guide is another addition
that takes up the tricks to win over your friends in these popular games.  Want to have fun loosing weight, use your Wii and follow a training program  that will turn your exercising into an enjoyable experience.


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